The KinderJam Complete Kit includes everything a forever teacher needs to keep their young child engaged and learning with a full preschool year of music and movement activities. 

Accessing the KinderJam program is easy and we’ve made it affordable too, by allowing you to spread the cost across the year. Sign up to get the curriculum box set sent direct to you, PLUS access to the first month’s set of virtual classes, PLUS the “Welcome to KinderJam Parent Course” PLUS the first month’s Parents’ Corner video.

All for just $59.99

Don't forget that the box contains kit for the parent as well as the child, so you can help your little one by joining in with everything.

See what’s in the box.

By signing up to our full year subscription, at $59.99 for the following 11 months, you will receive access to each month’s virtual class, plus each month’s Parents’ Corner video.

In addition to all of this, the KinderJam at Home learning offers easy-to-follow strength-based assessment tools to measure the growth, development and progress of your young child and of their family. Our simple monthly Positive Parenting checklists are validated by the CDC and aligned with their guidelines. 

These checklists are user-friendly and will help you identify essential focal areas for optimum engagement with your young child. These assessment tools are essential resources to assist creating individualized growth goals for your child and family. 

The full year curriculum looks like this: