The Origin of KinderJam®


Creating Engaging and Meaningful Early Learning Experiences

The KinderJam curriculum and learning environment lean heavily on the theories of two developmental psychologists, Howard Gardner (Theory of Multiple Intelligences) and Lev Vygotsky (The More Knowledgeable Other and the Zone of Proximal Development), as well as on national early learning foundations and best practices.

Why Just One Box


Multi-Aged Programs

All KinderJam programs and classes are multi-aged, which incorporates Lev Vygotsky’s theories of the More Knowledgeable Other (MKO)—learning from a child who may know or may be able to do a little more—and the Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) —the distance between what a child can do on their own and with help from a peer or adult. Using these philosophies to inform its pedagogical approaches, KinderJam has created the optimum environment for early learning.